Stray Dog Who Was Terrified Of Being Caught Has ‘Rags To Riches’ Story

This stray dog was living in a parking lot when Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws was called to help. Noticing that the scared animal had a lot of escape routes, his rescuers employed a soccer net to catch him.

He was named Einstein and within moments of his rescue, his behavior completely changed from frightened to grateful. What happened next is a ‘rags to riches’ story that will touch your heart.

While Einstein healed he met Betty White. Not many dogs in the world get kissed by Betty White, but Einstein did.


Einstein with Betty White. Photo credit: YouTube

It wasn’t long after that Einstein found his forever home with actor/director Emanuele Secci. And look at him now!


Einstein with his adoptive dad Emanuele Secci. Photo credit: Facebook

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