Family Dog Thrown Away With Couch By Owners On Moving Day

It never ceases to amaze me how heartless people can be. Neighbors are saying that when a man in Phoenix, Arizona recently sold their home they threw their old couch on the curb and included their family dog!

A concerned neighbor saw the dog taking refuge on the old couch and snapped some photos which she posted to social media. After determining no one was coming back for her, she called Maricopa County Animal Control, who came and picked her up.


Photo credit: Facebook

The heartbreaking pictures caught attention of animal advocates in the area and the shelter was flooded with calls from concerned citizens asking how they could help the “Couch Dog” and to call for authorities to charge the dog’s original owners with animal abandonment.


Photo credit: Facebook

The good news is that the three-year-old pit bull mix is doing fine and was moved to Arizona Humane Society after her holding period at the shelter was done, according to an ABC15 news report.

The nameless Pit Bull was named Brownie and after a few weeks at the Arizona Humane Society, Brownie was put up for adoption and found a family immediately after!

She went home with a loving family and has a doggie sibling too!


Photo credit: Arizona Humane Society

It looks like this gal has found a much better home than the one she was left at!

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