Snowboarder Has Unbelievable Tiny House On Top Of Mountain

Pro-snowboarder, Mike Basich, wanted a home close to nature and in the mountains of California he calls home. In this video by Seeker Stories, he takes Laura Ling on a tour of his self-built 225-square-foot home in the middle of his 40-acre snow covered property near Truckee, CA. He explains how the home took 5 years to build and is his childhood dream come true. He even built his own chair lift on the property!

Nature inspires Basich and that’s why he chose to live off the grid.


Although the home doesn’t have an inside toilet (it has an outhouse), it has a heated hot tub! Water falls into a water source to fill the hot tub. Water in the home comes from two creeks on the property.


The wood fireplace is the central heater and where Basich cooks and heats his water.


The big windows are also a heating tool and open up to the great outdoors.


And the snow is right on your doorstep.


What an awesome tiny home!


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