The Final Text Message This Mom Received From Her Son Is Devastating

This heartbreaking story of one son’s last test message shattered my heart into a million tiny pieces. In his final moments here on earth, Jeffrey Hunter was thinking of his mother, and when he knew without any uncertainty that it was his time, his last act was to say goodbye to his beloved mother.

“Goodbye Mama”

Jeffrey’s final text message was sent to his mom, Regina Wood, on April 27, as one of the worst tornadoes in Arkansas history headed straight for him. Regina told KFTA-TV that she was texting with her son while the tornado struck her son’s neighborhood. “First he said mama, I’m so scared”. She tried to comfort him and tell him everything would be OK. But it wasn’t. tornado-text Regina said her son knew the tornado was headed directly for the home he, his father and step mother were in. Just before it hit, Jeffrey wrote, “It’s heading right for me.” Then, “Goodbye mama….”

The University of Central Arkansas senior said goodbye and stopped texting after that. Regina kept texting him, asking if he was okay. But she got no answer.

It was after the tornado had cleared that her only son was found unconscious by a nearby neighbor. Jeffrey passed away from his injuries.

Regina said that despite the terror of losing her son, she will hold on to his last words forever. That he was able to say goodbye, “was the most precious thing a son could do for his mother”.

My thoughts are with the families affected by the disaster.

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