Two Dogs Introduced To Their Newest, Adorable Family Member

Harlow and Indiana are two dogs who love each other’s company. The Weimeraner and Dachshund are a cuddly pair and love to play and take naps together. Prior to Indiana arriving in the home, Harlow loved her buddy Sage and photos of the two on Instagram became super popular. Harlow was sad when Sage passed away from old age a few years ago, but Indiana’s company softened the loss.

Now the charming duo are welcoming a new little sister – Reese Lightning. The 9-week-old miniature Dachshund joined the duo in December 2014 after her original parents couldn’t keep her. Since then, the little puppy has been welcomed with open arms. The puppy loves biting Indiana’s tail and biting Harlow’s ears. But the two don’t seem to mind. Their parents write, “Harlow has a special bond with all of her siblings and Indiana is very protective of her new little sidekick.”

So without further delay…here are some adorable snapshots of the adorable trio!

Harlow and Indiana laugh together a lot.

Harlow doesn’t mind Indiana’s morning breath.

And the two spend lots of time cuddling and napping together until the day…

…Reese Lighting arrived.

She’s an adorable miniature Dachshund.

She has a bit of a bobblehead right now.

She’s settling in nicely with her new siblings.

She poses really well with Harlow and Indiana…

And she loves napping with them too.

Like any puppy Reese likes chewing. Is that Harlow’s foot getting gnawed on?

She’s very perky.

And always smiling.

Harlow and Indiana love her a lot already.

What a sweet, sweet trio!

To see more of Harlow, Indiana and Reese visit them on Instagram.

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