Family Adopts A Puppy Only To Realize She Won’t Survive Unless They Get Her A Special Chair

This is a wonderful story about how one family refused to give up on their new puppy after discovering she had a life-threatening condition.

John Yerty and his family noticed that every time their puppy, Bella, tried to eat she couldn’t swallow her food.

Concerned, the family brought Bella to a vet to figure out what was going on. They learned that Bella was born with megaesophagus. It’s a birth defect that causes problems with the esophagus. Dogs with this condition have an enlarged espophagus and lack the muscle mobility to swallow food while horizontal. Without intervention the dogs will die.

Not wanting to give up on their dog, John heard about a special device called the Bailey Chair. The chair had been designed by another dog owner, whose own dog suffered from the same condition. It works by having a dog sit upright, allowing gravity to aid in the dog’s eating. A short time after getting a chair for Bella, she was on her way to getting better and she’s now doing great!

Bella took to her chair right away and immediately understood what she needed to do to get her dinner!

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