Naughty Beagle Caught On Video Trying To Break Out Of Shelter

Buttermilk the Beagle is determined to get out of the shelter, and if she has to do it herself, that’s what she’ll do. The homeless dog showed just how crafty she is when shelter workers at the The Isle Of Wight County Animal Shelter in Windsor, Virginia caught her mid-escape.

“For some strays, we can only assume how they come into our care… however lately Buttermilk has shown staff just how she probably ended up with us,” the shelter wrote on its Facebook page. “Whoever adopts this cutie is going to need to keep a regular eye on her! She may be tiny but she is MIGHTY and has super climbing powers!”

In the video, Buttermilk is seen expertly scaling the mesh fence in her kennel right to the top. She perches over the fence only to suddenly realize she’s being watched and quickly scoots back down.

When she’s asked what’s she’s doing by the shelter worker, Buttermilk looks bashfully at the camera and wags her tail and slinks off, as if she knows she’s been naughtly.

Apparently, Buttermilk was moved to a different enclosure shortly after their video of her escapades went viral.

The shelter was quick to add, “NO BEAGLES WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS VIDEO. Buttermilk was not harmed in any way from her climb and staff gave her a prompt exam afterwards. She also was moved into a different style kennel to prevent her from continuous climbs and escapes. Her stay won’t be long in that kennel as she does in fact have an approved adopter who will be picking her up after her spay surgery this week!”

So it seems she won’t have to make any more daring attempts to escape as her new family will surely keep a close eye on her and give her no reason to ever want to leave!

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