Injured, Blind Coyote Pulls Through Incredible Ordeal, Gives Her Rescuers Huge Surprise

A few weeks ago, The Animal Rescue Team rescued a coyote who is the definition of a survivor. She survived a 30-foot fall, dehydration, rodent poison, starvation and a gunshot to the head! In fact, when they found her she had stopped breathing and they had to perform CPR until they got her to the vet!


Photo credit: Animal Rescue Team

But that wasn’t the last of the surprises this tough coyote had in store for her rescuers. Six weeks after her rescue, the Animal Rescue Team was cleaning her large enclosure when they discovered puppies!


Photo credit: Animal Rescue Team

“Although she remains blind, she is the best mother we have ever witnessed,” they wrote.

The fact that the mother coyote pulled through her ordeal still amazes her rescuers.


Photo credit: Animal Rescue Team

“This is a first for us in 35 years of rescuing wildlife,” the group said. They believe that after she was shot, she escaped and ended up plummeting the 30 feet into a dried-out riverbed of the Santa Ynez watershed.


Photo credit: Animal Rescue Team

Someone notified the rescue group and that’s when they found her. Despite all the hardships she’s endured, the group said, “She is a sweet, kind, doting momma.”


Photo credit: Animal Rescue Team

They said that once her puppies are grown that they will be released far into the wild and away from human dangers.

Meanwhile, their heroic mom will be given to a state permitted wildlife facility. “We believe she deserves to remain alive.”


Photo credit: Animal Rescue Team

Considering her miraculous recovery, I would say she’s more than deserving!

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