Tiny Dog Bound With Electrical Tape Had Only Hours Left To Live When He Was Found By Good Samaritan

A tiny dog was found dying behind a Canadian shopping centre with his snout and legs cruelly bound with electrical tape.

A man discovered the dog lying in the grass on Thursday December 17, 2015 when out walking his own dogs behind the Canadian Tire in Windsor, Ontario.

Warning: some photos may be considered graphic by some readers.

Humane Society officers responded and found the dog in extreme distress. “The dog was unable to move, having difficulty breathing, and his mouth and paws were extremely swollen,” the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

He was immediately rushed for emergency veterinarian care where it was determined the dog would not have survived more than a few hours longer.


Photo credit: Windsor/Essex County Humane Society

The dog has been named Justice and is approximately 7 years old. He is small (he only weighs around 13 pounds), has a cropped tail and has pre-existing mouth and dental problems as well as heart worms. Melanie Coulter of the humane society said of Justice, “He is a very sweet dog, obviously still recovering and still in a lot of pain, but we’re expecting him at this point to make a full recovery eventually.”


Photo credit: Windsor/Essex County Humane Society

Animal cruelty officers were outraged by Justice’s treatment and immediately put out a call to the public for help. Within a day an arrest was made in the case. Police did confirm the man arrested was Michael Earl Hill and he is not the dog’s owner. No further details have been released as the investigation as it is still ongoing.


Photo credit: Windsor/Essex County Humane Society

Justice is responding well after a few days of treatment. “Today Justice is bright and alert, and is eating well. However, veterinarians have found that the injuries to his mouth as a result of his abuse are more serious than they first appeared,” the humane society said. “Much more of the tissue inside his mouth has been severely damaged than was originally apparent, and he is on a variety of medications to try to save as much of the remaining tissue as possible.”


Photo credit: Windsor/Essex County Humane Society

Poor little guy! His story reminds me a bit of Caitlyn, a dog rescued under similar circumstances in Atlanta, Georgia.

Donations towards Justice’s care may be made online at the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society website. While many people have contacted the Humane Society offering to adopt Justice, at this point no applications are being accepted because he will require medical care for some time prior to being available for adoption.

I hope Justice gets justice soon for the abuse he has suffered! Share his story with your family and friends.

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