Dog Wanting A Swim Floods Entire Backyard Instead

Dogs can get up to all kinds of mischief with outdoor swimming pools. They can sneak in when they think no one is watching. They can try and bring them into the house like Gus. And then there’s Gigi the St. Bernard, whose size just makes her do things that her owner thinks are mischievous but they area really just GiGi being a big dog.

The hilarious video of the one-year-old St Bernard shows her pushing down the wall of the inflatable pool. Her dad, Luke Smith, rushes outside when he sees the commotion and shouts “Gigi stop!” But it’s too late. The backyard is flooding with the water as Gigi stands half in and half out of the pool.

Now the whole yard is an outdoor pool!

Luke said afterwards of the funny moment, “It was funny because we had just been talking about how much she loved the pool and how she could get in and out of it with no problems. Boy were we wrong.”

So much mischief! Watch what Baxter does when he’s caught in the pool. Not all dogs are mischief makers. Oaklie the puppy very politely tells his mom when he wants a swim. And Teal the Lab keeps her excitement adorably contained to the pool.

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