Golden Retriever Gets Caught Taking A Late Night Swim In Pool

Duke the Golden Retriever has got an addiction, a “pool addiction” that is. So much so that he’ll sneak out for a late night swim when his mom’s back is turned.

Kimberly Clark (@kimberlyclark78) shared a cute TikTok video of her dog’s illicit dip after catching him in the pool one Saturday night.

“I went inside for one second and I come back out and you’re in the pool,” she says from behind the camera. “Do you think it’s Saturday?” she asks her dog. “Yeah Mom, we party on Saturday,” she responds, as if speaking for Duke.

What follows is her and her husband’s funny failed attempts to get Duke out of the water. At one point Clark tries to get Duke to give her a “high five” but her dog makes a hilarious move instead.

@kimberlyclark78 Duke swims day or night.#dukehasapooladdiction #spoiledrotten # goldensrule#daddysbuddy ♬ original sound – Kimberly Clark

When the couple see how much fun Duke is having they let him have his Saturday fun. “Duke swims day or night,” Clark joked in the video’s caption of her dog.

Another video of Duke playing in the daytime proves the point. When mom approaches him this time and asks him “Are you supposed to be in the pool, Duke?” Duke pushes off the side – or as Clark calls it – “moonwalking away.”

@kimberlyclark78 #dukehasapooladdiction ♬ original sound – Kimberly Clark

Viewers couldn’t get enough from Duke’s naughty behavior when swimming. “Him moon walking under the water,” @deannawillick361 commented. “Ahahahahaaaaa I’M DONEEEE this is incredible the high five has me rolling,” @crizzo0988 wrote.

“Bahahaha pushing away from the wall. I cannotttt,” said another. “I love how he just floats away,” another noted.

Others commented that they can’t blame Duke for his love of the water. “I would drive all the way to your house just to swim with him,” @fine553thesyst3m wrote. “He’s like, ‘Mom I’m swimming here,'” @jennywrx23 added.

One thing is for sure, Duke is living his best life, pool time included!

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