Adorable Puppy Wants A Very Early Morning Swim In New Pool

Like any young dog Oaklie, a 9-month-old silver Labrador, likes to wake up bright and early. Recently, he got up at 6:30am to ask to be let outside. His mom thinking he was asking to go out potty, opened the door for him. But what Oaklie really wanted to do was go for a swim in their new pool!

His mom writes, “He just got this new pool and wanted to go swimming, so he went and got his towel and stood by the pool at 6:30 AM. He asked to go out potty, but he tricked his mom and really wanted to go out so he could play in the pool!”

In the video you can hear mom has “morning sleepy voice” and isn’t as high energy and ready to have fun like Oaklie is. But I bet he’ll get to have that swim later.

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