Howling Dog Hilariously Reacts When He Realizes He’s Not Home Alone

A Golden Retriever named Cooper has made dog lovers around the world smile after a video captured his reaction when he discovers he’s not actually home alone.

In the cute video posted to TikTok by his mom, Amber (@amber.023), Cooper is sitting at the front door howling mournfully. The poor pup thinks he’s all alone. But Amber is in fact in the house and recording video of him from the upstairs balustrade.

She writes in the video, “I don’t think he realized I was home” followed by “Well… until he saw me, lol.”

Watch Cooper’s cute reaction below:

@amber.023 well… until he saw me lol #goldenretriever #goldensoftiktok #dog #dogsoftiktok #singingdog ♬ original sound – amber

Here’s a YouTube version if you have trouble viewing the TikTok video above:

Cooper’s adorable face upon noticing his mom is actually home is priceless!

Viewers couldn’t help but marvel at how dogs communicate with their humans.

One TikTok user, Ookyduky, commented: “Dogs literally talk…like ain’t no way that wasn’t an expression.”

Another viewer said: “LMAOOO his little ‘huh?!’ has me dyiiiing.”

Kdoughgirl said: “This made me laugh out loud! So freaking cute!” Hejduk Dog joked: “The realization.”

And Marisa • Hawaii Foodie said: “he’s like, ‘ARFF… oh when did you get there?”

Golden Retrievers are so expressive. Take Ellie, another Goldie, who had her thought about seeing Darth Vader on the TV or another dog who soaks in the sunset. So it really is no surprise that Cooper can express how he feels.

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