Golden Retriever Reacts To Seeing Darth Vader For The First Time

Ellie the Golden Retriever knows a bad guy when she sees one. In this cute clip shared by her family, Ellie is attentively watching Star Wars New Hope on TV while relaxing on the couch with her family.

But when Darth Vader makes his first menacing appearance, Ellie’s mood shifts and she has the sweetest (and wisest) reaction to the ultimate movie villain. Her family shared the moment in the video below:

@johnny_chinch #goldenretriever #dog reacts to #darthvader #starwars #anewhope #scared #bestvillain #fyp #lol ♬ original sound – Johnny C

How precious is that?

Many people shared that their children and fur kids react to the scene the same way. One redditor wrote, “MY DOG DOES THE EXACT SAME THING!!! She is scared of two things, and two things only: fireworks, and Darth F**king Vader. The breathing sound sends her through the roof. We have no idea how she developed this fear.”

Another noted, “Doggo knows evil when he sees it.”

Even Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the sci fi films, noted Ellie’s reaction is clever. He tweeted, “Smart dog. I only wish I’d thought of hiding behind the couch when I first met him.”

@johnny_chinch #goldenretriever #dog reacts to #darthvader #starwars #anewhope #scared #bestvillain #fyp #lol ♬ original sound – Johnny C

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