“Necklace” Aims To Help Protect Women From Sexual Attacks

It’s a sad reality is that violence against women continues to be prevalent in our society. Wanting to arm women with something to protect them from attacks, Yasmin Mustafa and Anthony Gold founded a company called ROAR. They wanted to provide something more powerful than MACE or whistles for women to carry around as protection and came up with a sleek piece of wearable technology called Athena that is designed to be a powerful alert device.

By holding down a button on the Athena, text alerts are sent to your friends and family, giving them your location. It also sends an alert to 911 and sounds a loud alarm, hopefully startling your attacker.

Of course women should not only rely on a device like this for their safety but also be aware of their surroundings, take safety precautions and learn some basic self-defence, like how to break out of a chokehold. Nevertheless, ROAR has a lot of potential as a safety tool for women that leverages technology for good.

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