Rescue Dog Returns To Crufts Agility Course And Steals The Show

Rescue dog Kratu is back at Crufts 2020 and is hilarious as ever! Kratu was a show stopper a few years ago at Crufts when he participated in the Rescue Dog Agility competition.

So it comes as no surprise he was invited back. While on the agility course he demonstrates some of the skills he has become famous for like tunnel blocking and sniffing the sidelines. He also demonstrated a new skill – stealing a pole!

The judges were surprised and greatly amused by the “rascal” with one noting that it’s the first time he’s seen a chunk taken out of the agility course and the other stating Kratu’s pole antics are “definitely against the rules.”

Watch Kratu’s performance in the video below:

To watch Kratu’s earlier Cruft’s showing click here.

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