Surveillance Video Catches Package Thief Pursued By Persistent ‘Bad-Ass’ Neighbor

It seems every day there’s a video of thieves stealing packages from unsuspecting homeowners. It’s so commonplace that people have begun coming up with elaborate booby traps to thwart them, and online retailers like Amazon have begun selling package lock boxes.

But in this video, a package thief got caught the old-fashioned way – on foot, by one bad-ass neighbor who spotted the man stealing a package.

The homeowner released home surveillance footage of the incident and told ViralHog:

“The neighbor spotted someone stealing a package off of our porch after realizing his car had been broken into.”

In the video, the thief is seen approaching the home, covering his head with his hoodie and carrying an Old Navy shopping bag.

package thief caught by neighbor

Screenshot via YouTube

Moments later he comes back into frame carrying a box from their doorstep.

But just seconds after he goes up the street, a man appears on the road chasing after him. There’s also a vehicle following, assisting the neighbor.

Screenshot via YouTube

The thief attempts to flee, high tailing it down the street with the neighbor and vehicle in hot pursuit. The homeowner explained:

“He chased the guy through the neighborhood for 10 minutes before delivering him to the cops.”

It’s satisfying to see the police cruiser pull up as the neighbor, thief in hand, slowly walks up the road.

Watch the entertaining apprehension in the video below and share it with your friends.

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