Naughty Dachshund Makes Great Escape With Help From Her Pittie Brother

Darcie the Dachshund is just a little bit mischievous. She is also an expert escape artist. Mary and Scott Warwick thought something was up when they kept finding Darcie in the living room and their four other dogs in the kitchen behind the baby gate where they all should be.

Unsure how the short-legged sausage dog kept escaping, Mary set up a surveillance camera to get to the bottom of the mystery. The camera soon revealed just how clever Darcie is, as you will see in the video below:

It turns out that Darcie gets help from her Pittie brother, Benson. Darcie uses Benson like a ladder and jumps onto his back to be able to leap over the baby gate! Benson seems perfectly cool with being used as a perch too!

Not wanting the 3-year-old Darcie to continue to escape (and, we’d add risk injury), Mary told SWNS/Cater News that she has adjusted the height of the baby gate and ordered a taller door to keep Darcie from jumping out.

Mary points out that Darcie is definitely the naughtiest of the bunch, joking that they had a really well-behaved pack of dogs until Darcie arrived and “completely ruined it.”

“Darcie’s the one that if there’s a toilet roll available, she’ll go and thread it,” Mary said. “You can’t leave washing in the kitchen as she’ll pull all the clothes down.”

What a mischievous little pup and obviously very smart!

This is not the only pack of dogs to use teamwork. Recently, a group of dogs broke into a toy store to steal a stuffed toy. Watch it here.

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