Monkey Shows Up At Funeral To Pay Her Respects To Man Who Fed Her

A monkey who was shown kindness by a man in Sri Lanka attended his funeral to mourn his passing.

Recently, 56-year-old Peetambaram Rajan passed away in the Batticaloa region of Sri Lanka. Mourners recorded a video of the gray langur sitting by Rajan’s open casket and gently placing her hand on his chest.

The monkey leans in to touch the man’s forehead and goes close to his lips as if to see if he is breathing.

According to the Tamil Mirror, Rajan offered treats to the langur who would visit him every day.

The monkey definitely seems to be grieving along side his family, a true sign that Rajan was loved and respected not only by his family but by the animals he cared for.

The monkey’s clear display of grief reminds us of when a group of stray dogs gathered to pay their respects to a woman who had taken care of them.

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