Stray Dogs Attend Funeral Of Woman Who Fed And Cared For Them

This story is incredibly touching! A pack of stray dogs appeared at the funeral of a woman who had always given them food and love to pay their respects and say goodbye.

Margarita Suárez lived in Merida, Mexico and she absolutely loved animals. She cared for the stray pets roaming in her neighborhood and the animals loved her. Her daughter, Patricia Urrutia, said that her mother could not bump into a stray animal and not give them some food. Twenty cats would show up at her doorstep every morning to get the food she offered them.


Photo credit: Patricia Urrutia / Facebook

When Suarez recently passed away, family and friends attended her funeral on March 15, 2015 and Urrutia said “on the saddest day of her life something wonderful happened”. Out of nowhere, a group of stray dogs arrived at the parlor to pay their respects, says Urrutia.

As her mother’s coffin arrived at the chapel, several stray dogs walked behind it. At first Urrutia thought the dogs were familiar at the funeral home, but then she noticed the animals were entering the room where her mother’s body was resting. Her brother asked if the animals were from around the area, but workers told them they did not recognize the dogs.


Photo credit: Patricia Urrutia / Facebook

Urrutia believes the stray dogs were some of the pets her mother fed and they came to say goodbye. While Suarez’ body was being prepared for the funeral, the dogs came and sat in the room quietly. They also played with some of the people attending the vigil.


Photo credit: Patricia Urrutia / Facebook

It was around 3 in the morning when people left, but the dogs remained behind and stood vigil throughout the night.

During the vigil, a little bird also visited the parlor. Urrutia filmed the little bird and shared it with Norte Digital, telling them it was a rare occasion.

Suarez’ animal friends only left the parlor after her body was taken away to be cremated.


Photo credit: Patricia Urrutia / Facebook

The family cannot explain how the dogs knew where they could find Suarez, but they were happy to see the dogs she cared so much, were a part of her farewell.

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