Veteran Who Saves A Grandma From Brutal Robbery Gets Huge Surprise From Ellen DeGeneres

When Kendrick Taylor and his friends were shopping near a Florida Winn-Dixie grocery store back in 2014 when they heard screams coming from the parking lot. Taylor immediately looked and saw a thief knocking over a 76-year-old woman and attempting to steal her purse.

Taylor, a Navy veteran, sprang into action and ran over to help. When the purse-snatcher tried to run away, Taylor gave chase and tackled the thief to the ground and waited for the police to arrive!

When Ellen DeGeneres heard of Taylor’s heroic actions, she invited him onto her show for him to share his incredible story. During the interview, she reveals that she had heard he was struggling to work his way through college and that he was missing his mom, she arranged for a very special guest to appear. Needless to say, Taylor reacted in the best way possible…

You can read more about Taylor’s heroics and watch a news interview of him from the time here.

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