Husky Miraculously Pulled From The Rubble 22 Days After Turkey’s Earthquakes

A dog named Alex has been rescued after surviving an astounding 22 days under the rubble after Turkey’s deadly earthquakes. The Husky was pulled alive from a destroyed building in Turkey’s Hatay province on February 28. Video filmed by HAYTAP, an animal welfare organization in Turkey, shows the rescuers crawling through the debris and calling to the dog.

HAYTAP animal rescue worker Osman Polatsaid and her fellow rescuers manage to locate the Husky and pull him from between two blocks of concrete. Alex is immediately given water and carried to an awaiting vehicle. As he’s placed down, Alex moves back to be hugged, not wanting to leave the embrace of his rescuers.

According to media outlets, HAYTAP went to the building after Alex’s family called them to report they heard barking coming from the collapsed 2-storey building.

Polatsaid later told Turkish news agency Anadolu that the dog had lost some weight but was in “good health” all things considered. She added, “Surviving 22 days in that hole without eating or drinking anything is really a miracle.”

Other heartwarming animals rescues from the quakes in Turkey have been reported. A cat pulled from the rubble now refuses to leave his rescuers’ side and a poodle was saved after being buried alive.

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