Animal Control Officers Surprised To Find Husky Stuck In Storm Drain

How did he get in there? Sebastian the Husky got himself in a tight spot after he was found stuck in a storm drain in Kentucky. Local animal control couldn’t figure out how he climbed in but they guess he chased after a squirrel or other critter. It was a first for animal control officer Lt. Hamilton who said she usually rescues ducklings from storm drains not full sized huskies!

She and the rescue team were a bit hesitant to pull him out as he was being very vocal.

Lt. Hamilton explained, “It was a little tougher to gauge his behaviour before the rescue, right? It was hard because he’s such a big dog and picking him up and we don’t know his behavior…but he was a very good boy and I think he was just excited to get out.”

It took about 30 minutes to pull Sebastian out and he was reunited with his family the next day. Sebastian is such a typical husky, escaping and getting into mischief!

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