Husky Breaks Out Of Kennel At Animal Shelter And Parties All Night Long

An animal shelter in Alabama had a “slight delay” in opening recently because one of their residents decided to throw a huge surprise party in their lobby leaving behind a big mess.

Colbert County Animal Shelter arrived to start their Tuesday morning only to find Titan, a Husky, who arrived at their shelter just before closing the day before, sitting at the front door and lying on a pile of strewn papers.

“We will have a slight delay this morning due to a Husky throwing a party last night in the lobby,” the shelter wrote in a Facebook post.

And what a night he had! Staff reviewed their surveillance video and discovered that Titan not only broken out of his crate, he freed two other dogs as well (although they appear to have been quiet guests.)

Colbert County Animal Shelter

Titan then “pawtied” all night long. He jumped onto the front desk counter repeatedly. He tore up a new toy that was lying on the counter, ripped up papers, destroyed their front desk computer.

He tore down blinds, peed on paperwork and just got into everything!

Colbert County Animal Shelter

Charles Corey Speegle, the shelter director, shared videos of the husky’s mischief.

From the videos it’s clear Titan explored every inch of the office throughout the night. Speegle explained on Facebook, “Titan our Husky that partied it up at the shelter last night…Titan is a 4-year-old owner surrender that’s up for adoption if anyone has a wonderful home for him. Home must have metal furnishings and deadbolt locks.”

Okay, so maybe the part about metal furnishings was a joke, but many fans of the shelter got in on it, suggesting Titan’s adoption description should include the descriptor “throws parties when unsupervised and will not help clean up.”

Colbert County Animal Shelter

The staff did have a lot of cleaning up to do but they couldn’t be mad at Titan. “Dog bless them” dogs will be dogs they said. They immediately posted up photos of Titan secure in a kennel and wrote in good humor, “Titan is looking for someone to bust him out of doggy jail after his late night shenanigans and party for 1! He is such a sweet dog, unless you are paper products.”

Colbert County Animal Shelter

It didn’t take long for “movie star Titan” to catch the eye of Christopher T. Davis, who owns a doodle and an older Husky that looks a lot like Titan.

“Who would think such a cute and fluffy little animal could cause so much havoc/chaos…And I saw him and INSTANTLY fell in love with the doggy in the window and just had to adopt him and try and give him a great new lease on life, or if not great then at least better,” Davis wrote on GoFundMe.

And just like that Titan was adopted.

Many people thought that was Titan’s plan all along. “I think he had a plan and executed it to perfection,” commented one person upon hearing Titan was adopted. “All the other dogs should take note…escape, throw a party, go viral…BAM! You’re adopted,” wrote another.

Being a good dog parent, Davis took Titan to his vet right away to schedule a “snip n’ clip.” He did notice that Titan’s breathing was shallow so he asked the vet to check him for heartworm “for safety’s sake” and he unfortunately tested positive. Thankfully, supporters of the shelter soon pitched in to cover the cost of Titan’s heartworm medication.

Davis said he is very pleased to be able to help his local shelter and encourages others to do so. “Please go to your local shelters and adopt, foster, donate, or even just give encouragement to the volunteers,” he wrote. “They do SO SO MUCH for little to no reward.”

He also can’t wait for “Titan the Destroyer” to settle in with his family, commenting on the shelter’s Facebook page, “I got the dufusiest doodle ever (great snuggle bug), a grouchy old man (8 year old sweet boy) and NOW! A sweeeeeet younger demon 😜😜😜😜 they’ll all flow and fit together.”

Dog bless them, indeed!

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