Firemen Take On Lip-Synch Challenge And Make Viewers Laugh And Cheer When They Start Dancing

Firefighters have picked up the baton in the “Lip Sync Challenge” begun by police departments across the USA and are doing a fantastic job dancing (and lip-synching).

We shared the Paris Fire Department’s hilariously entertaining video and now it’s the Greenville Fire Department’s turn.

Challenged by the Paris Fire Department, the firefighters in Greenville, Texas got a little help from iamBraodway, Jeff Davis Media and eGreenvilleExtra to make their lip-synch video come to life.

The video opens with Flo Rida’s popular song “My House” where one firefighter sings the lyrics and walks through the firemen’s kitchen and dining room area, where a few firefighters are enjoying a well-earned nap.

The fun goes up a notch when the hunky firefighters do a sexy dance to “Gurl Look At That Body” as water sprays them down. Next, they’re hard at work “in the danger zone”.

Watch more of their entertaining video below and share it with your friends.

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