Firemen Accept Lip Sync Challenge And Win Fans With Their Smoking Hot And Funny Video

By now, most of us have seen at least one “Lip Sync Challenge” video by police departments across the USA. With their fun energy and good humor, the law enforcement officers have been dancing (and singing) up a storm.

So it’s only fitting that firefighters join the battle. That’s why the Paris Fire Department from Northeast Texas stepped up and created this hilariously entertaining video.

It opens with a shot of the firemen sleeping in their quarters. Resting up for their next call no doubt. But what’s this? A shirtless fireman on a wrecking ball, singing along to Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”?

From there, the lip-sync only gets funnier as it continues on to “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons, then Foo Fighters’ “My Hero,” and to be capped off by “Barbie Girl” by Aqua, featuring another handsome, shirtless firefighter in a tutu. We couldn’t stop laughing when the “police” show up.

After releasing the video, the fire department garnered 5 million views in just a few days!

The Paris Fire Department won over ardent female fans. One viewer wrote, “Population of Paris, TX increases by 8000% in the Summer 2018-All new Residents Female.”

Another female viewer was slightly more critical, and commented, “Why are they wearing shirts in the water scene?!?”

But the video also has touched those that appreciate the hard work and efforts that firefighters bring to their job every day. They loved seeing the firefighters having some fun.

“As a firefighter’s wife I loved this one. I called my husband into the room to watch it. Even he was smiling. These videos are a wonderful addition to social media. Keep them coming police and fire! Real life heroes,” wrote one viewer.

Watch their epic lip sync routine below and judge for yourself.

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