Bernese Mountain Dog Hides Cat So He Can Cuddle With Him

Theodore the Bernese mountain dog really loves the family’s cat, Chippy. So when his mom, Melanie Shields couldn’t find the feline she knew who to ask first.

In her cute and funny TikTok video she approaches her dog, who is lying in his bed and looking innocently at her while wagging his tail. She asks him “Where’s Chippy?” That’s when Theodore reveals he’s been hiding Chippy so he can cuddle with him.

Watch the hilarious moment in the video below:

Yes, Chippy is lying beneath Theodore who quickly showers the cat with licks and cuddles. People loved the dog’s evident affection for Chippy and marvelled at Chippy’s “chill” with Theo’s attentive grooming.

One viewer imagined Theodore’s words to accompany his reveal: “Oh you mean this cat?!” they write.

Another viewer commented that Theo looks like he’s trying to persuade his mom: ““Trust me mom, Chip likes this.” One person added, “He’s like ‘go ahead, Chippy, tell her you’re fine. Tell her! Say you’re fine.'”

One viewer thought Theo treats Chippy much like a squishy toy. While others thought Chippy has to be “the cleanest cat in the world.”

Melanie followed up with another video of the adorable pair just before Christmas, captioning it, “Another day another cuddle? Attack?”

The videos have garnered more than 14 million views.

But Melanie wants to assure everyone that Chippy would not be cuddled by Theodore if he didn’t want to.

“The comments are all ‘That poor cat can’t defend himself. Not all cats are sassy,'” writes Melanie, of the next video she shared. “Chip the cat was like *hold my beer*.” In the video, Chip plays with Theo in a decidedly cat-like way, which is to swat at him while playfully cuddling! Yes, it appears Chippy is still a cat with attitude and not so squishy after all.

@melmckshields The comments are all "That poor cat can't defend himself. Not all cats are sassy" Chip the cat was like *hold my beer* #fyp #chiptok #bernesemountaindog #catsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #catsanddogs #christmas ♬ Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

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