17 Of The Most Adorable Photos Of Dogs And Their Feline Friends

Who says cats and dogs don’t get along? These adorable dogs and cats bust that myth and show what true friendship is all about!

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Friends love spending time with each other.


Photo credit: Samantha Girard

They keep an eye out for the other…


Photo credit: Sandra Vincent

…Like Snowy does for baby Sienna. 


Photo credit: Vinnidya Octoberliansjah

Friends share similar interests, like Elmarie’s cat, who thinks he’s a dog “so we have four dogs!” 


Photo credit: Elmarie du Toit‎

They look past your physical appearance…


Photo credit: Ivana Bon

…And accept you for who you are.


Photo credit: Yvonne Mircea

From the moment you meet, there’s an instant connection. It was like that for Sunni the dog and Spook the cat. Both were strays, until they were rescued.

Anne Savage describes how they first met, “Sunni was found one evening by a friend of mine outside of Detroit. She called us to see if we would take care of him till the Humane Society opened the next day. We agreed but he never went. We posted his information everywhere but no one claimed him and we couldn’t be more happy that he’s ours now. The first night he came to stay with us we blocked off the back room to keep our other pets away but within the first hour our cat Spook jumped the barricade and went right up to the strange dog. They have been best friends since and spend most of the day curled up together sleeping.”


Photo credit: Anne Savage Photography

Friends love to goof off with each other. Laura Fay Lerdall’s pets played together all the time. “Here’s a cute one with Yogi, one of our beloved dogs now at the Rainbow Bridge, hamming it up with a newly rescued kitten and new member of the family.”


Photo credit: Laura Fay Lerdall

Friends let you lean on them….


Photo credit: JoAnn Warmbein‎

…And comfort you when you’re in trouble. Scoobie the Schnauzer hunkered down with his pal Mr. Binx during one of the 2005 Florida hurricanes. Mr. Binx is the neighborhood cat. He doesn’t really belong to anyone but a couple of the neighbors take care of him, including Scoobie.


Photo credit: Wayne Warren‎

Friends let you be yourself.


Photo credit: Obogeanu Talida

And love having you around. “In the beginning we sometimes couldn’t find the cat [Hannes]. We looked everywhere and would find a little cat tail under the dog [Hessel]. Lying with the dog is, of course, a very warm place for a cat, he doesn’t mind the dog being all over him.” See more of Hessel and Hannes here.


Photo credit: Bert Jonkhans

Friends are easy to relax with. 


Photo credit: Sarah H.

They share your opinions and speak the same language, like Sula and Taro the Shar Pei. They’re obviously not amused.


Photo credit: Laura Coughlan

Friends will be very protective towards each other. Max the Boxer is very maternal to Rascal the cat. When Rascal was brought home after being found in a dumpster and Max immediately designated himself as the “nanny.”


Photo credit: Texsheva

Friends make you smile and smile…


Photo credit: Gena NeSmith‎

…And smile! That’s what happened the moment Macio the French Bulldog entered 14-year-old Imhotep’s territory… they couldn’t get enough of each other! 


Photo credit: Sean Goldman

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