Beagle Born In Lab Goes from Shaking Uncontrollably to Enjoying His First Bark

A beagle rescued from a laboratory was very timid and scared when he met his foster mom Laurie. Reggie was born in a testing facility so was unfamiliar with almost everything. He shook and shook and Laurie noted that even walking into a room scared him.

Physical contact became very important with Reggie in helping him gain trust with people. But soon he would come over to Laurie and paw her so that she would pick him up. And he also found his bark and has been speaking ever since! Watch his amazing transformation in the video below:

Laurie couldn’t let Reggie go and has officially adopted him! He’s gone from shaking uncontrollably with fear to enjoying life!

Reggie’s remarkable change reminds us a lot of Dora the Beagle’s. She too was rescued from a lab and shaking in fear. But she’s made an amazing transformation which can be seen here.

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