Beagle Rescued From Lab Crawls On Her Very First Walk Outside

A Beagle rescued from a laboratory was so nervous when she first went into foster care she would crawl around on her belly. But she’s grown into a “confident and silly” dog now.

One Tail At A Time rescued Dora from a lab facility when she was retired from medical testing at 8 months old and is “the sweetest” dog. She went into foster care with Samantha who said “Her first day home with us she was so nervous she just crawled around on her belly but she’s confident and silly now.”

On her first walk outside, Dora crawled along the concrete. She was quite traumatized and obviously didn’t know how to walk. She also didn’t know how to go up the stairs or do what “regular” doggies do.

Dora was scared of lots of things but she was also very curious so she began to adapt quickly. It was when she was on her way to her spay appointment with another foster caregiver, Laura, that her life was about to change again!

It turns out that Laura fell in love with Dora and adopted her. Laura and her partner Luke dote on Dora and Dora loves them dearly. She’s also got an adorable quirk that shows just how far she’s come since she was rescued. Dora loves standing on her hind legs to get treats, pets and more.

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