Abandoned Dog Lets Go of All Her Fears and Bonds with Her New Grandpa

A dog abandoned by her owners has had her life turned around and found love in the home of her rescuers.

Sidewalk Specials frequently visits De Doorns, a village outside of Cape Town in South Africa to rescue abandoned dogs. When they spotted River, the dog refused to leave the doorstep of her empty home.

The dog kept going around in circles and evading her rescuers but they were able to catch her with help from the neighbors. River was very timid during her rescue, so much so that Jo with Sidewalk Specials wondered if River would be able to trust humans again.

Jo cleaned River up and let her decompress in the garage. River would come out of the garage and sniff around. But when she finally sat around Jo and her family and then yawned and stretched, the small dog let go of all the worry and anxiety she had been carrying around with her since her abandonment.

Jo realized then that River had so much potential to find a new family to love her. River didn’t have to look far. Jo’s dad fell instantly in love with her. But Jo had to disappoint her dad because she had decided to keep River for herself! It’s a win win for both of them because Jo’s dad gets to visit with River as much as he wants and River has a bigger family to love.

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