Young Girl Convinces Feral Cat Stuck in Plastic to Trust Her

When an animal rescuer spotted a feral cat stuck in plastic she teamed up with her daughter to rescue him.

“My 13-year-old daughter Brianna was able to win the trust of a feral cat that has been around my office in Cuero, TX at the Animal Control Facility for the past two years,” Brianna’s mum writes.

“Mid September 2023, I noticed the cat had a plastic trash bag wrapped around his waist and back leg and he was absolutely miserable. I could never get him to come up to me. I tried setting traps, I tried sitting on the ground with food, but he just did not trust me.”

It wasn’t until a month later on October 14, 2023 that she would get a second chance and the cat’s life “was about to change.” Brianna’s mom describes what happens next:

“My daughter went to work with me and saw this male feral cat and her heart broke. Within 30 to 45 minutes I noticed she was able to scratch him on the head, and she tried to pull the bag off, but it terrified him and he took off. I got her scissors and she was able to get him back over to her within a few minutes, she slowly began desensitizing him with the scissors and doing all the right things to let him know he was safe and going to be okay.”

That did the trick and Brianna was able to safely cut the bag off “from around his waist and leg and freed him.” The cat was so grateful and was instantly smitten with Brianna. Not only that, the cat she freed is now safe with them. Brianna also won the trust of an older feral male cat in the area too.

The animal rescuer writes, “My daughter, and I have been rescuing animals and saving lives for almost 7 years, and this cat has found a new life where he will finally be loved, and cared for here on our farm with all the other rescues we currently have.”

What a dedicated pair! It’s also wonderful to see that after so many years of being on the streets this cat now has a place to call home.

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