Worker Doing Snow Removal On Roof Removes Himself Too

A worker removing snow from a roof ended up removing himself too! Thankfully, he was prepared! A neighbor of the home in Incline Village, Nevada provided the backstory:

“Dangerous amounts of snow have piled up on rooftops in the Sierra mountains. As a backstory, my non-resident neighbors have asked me to keep an eye on their place in Lake Tahoe. I positioned two cameras to chronicle the snow build-up on their roof (at the time I was thinking I would capture the chimney falling away from the house). As the snow piled up, I urged my neighbors to hire a crew to remove the snow and ice from the chimney area – the rest of the roof usually sheds snow on its own. A crew arrived to do the job – it did NOT go well.”

But thank goodness the workers took the proper safety precautions and no one was harmed.

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