Woman’s Unexpected Reason For Missing Work Is The ‘Best Excuse In History’

Need an excuse not to go to work? You’ll never top this woman’s. Recently, Australian Amber Harris woke up to find a very large elephant seal in her front yard blocking her driveway.

The Tasmania resident discovered Neil, a well-known southern elephant seal, when she looked out of her window in the morning. The 600kg, 1300 plus pound animal had taken up position in her driveway that prevented her from getting to her car.

Knowing it was better to let the humongous seal have his nap, she called work to tell them she couldn’t come in. Harris told ABC Australia her office was understanding but had “a bit of a laugh” about it.

“I think it’s going to go down as the best excuse in history to not go to work,” Harris laughingly said.

Neil is coming onto land for three to four weeks at a time right now to hibernate. He was later spotted making his way to beach, meaning Harris has no excuse not to go to work any longer.

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