Woman Uses Paint Bucket As Makeshift Step Stool When ‘Disaster’ Strikes

Have you ever had a household repair turn into disaster? The one where you are taking care of some small DIY repair only for things to go instantly, and horribly wrong? We have. And so have the two sisters in this video captured on a Ring camera for the world to see.

The two women were trying to re-attach the curtains after having painted the walls. Wanting to reach it quickly, she pulls over a large paint bucket to use as a stool and then…

The sister that didn’t get her legs covered in paint writes: “My sister was cleaning the house after she had painted and was trying to hang the curtains. She couldn’t reach so she took the barrel of paint and stood on it. The barrel couldn’t support her…”

Oh dear, the sister has a whole lot more cleaning up to do now!

We’ll be filing this lesson away for future reference.

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