Woman Spots A Desperate Fox Under Attack And Risks Her Safety To Save His Life

Despite a ban on fox hunting in Britain, there are still many hunts that go on, and still many foxes that are killed.

Hunters and animal welfare activists clash on many occasions and in the case of this video, one woman risked her safety to save a fox.

A group called Hunt Monitors was tracking the Old Berks Fox Hounds while a hunt was underway in 2012 when a young woman spotted a vixen being surrounded by a group of hounds. The dogs were about to maul the poor animal to death. Fortunately for the fox, her “guardian angel” was only a few feet away.

With no thought for her own safety, the monitor shouted at the hounds as they closed in on the fox, and running forward, was able to snatch the terrified animal away.

The fox had already been bowled over onto her back, leaving her stomach exposed and would most certainly have been savaged by the dogs if the woman had not intervened.

In the description of the video, the woman who grabbed the fox was bitten by the terrified fox but she cradled the animal in her arms and ran to a fellow monitor’s car where the fox was whisked away to safety.

The fox was checked for injuries and was found to have no serious dog bites. According to Hunt Monitors, the fox has been rehabilitated into an area where she will be safe from the hunt.

Hunt saboteurs often try and disrupt the now illegal fox hunts by spraying oils on the ground to mislead dogs, blow hunting horns to confuse them. But in this particular circumstance, the woman bravely threw herself into the pack of hounds to save the vixen.

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