Woman Rescues Baby Squirrel She Finds At Restaurant And Now He Thinks She’s His Mom

Alisha was a manager at a restaurant when her life took an unexpected turn. A baby squirrel showed up one day begging for food and water. Squirrels were rare in the area but Alisha looked around for the squirrel’s family but he was all alone. Alisha wrapped him up in a towel and brought him home. She had helped rehabilitate other wild animals but never a squirrel.

Alisha quickly researched how to look after a squirrel. She rescued “Rocky” in late Fall and decided to work to release him in Spring. She set him up with a nest and a strict diet and when it was Spring she began bringing him outside. Rocky would spend a few hours climbing trees and acclimatizing but he started getting scared of other squirrels and the loud noises. One day a passing motorcycle scared him and he ran away. He came back 8 days later “beat up” by other squirrels and he didn’t want to go out again.

That was 10 years ago. Since then, Rocky has become Alisha’s beloved pet. He loves to play with stuffed animals and has free reign of the house. Since then, Alisha has rescued lots of different squirrels and successfully released them back into the wild. Rocky has even helped her with fostering baby squirrels and Alisha says he is so gentle with them. She says, “he’s a very sweet boy” and added, “I never expected a squirrel to take over my heart like he has.”

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