Woman Rescues Her Dog From Freak Sea Foam That Blankets Beach

A family day at the beach turned treacherous for a dog named Hazel after she disappeared under a mountain of sea foam that churned up on a Gold Coast beach in Australia.

The country has been experiencing torrential rains and cyclonic winds along its northeast coast which have generated huge swells. In the case of this beach, several feet of sea foam quickly washed up onto the beach blanketing the sand and covering Hazel.

Her family began searching for her, calling her name. Video taken by bystanders shows a woman and her son covered up to their waists by the foam as they search for Hazel.

Thankfully, the dog’s owner was able to find her and scooped her up into her arms before taking her to safety.

The rain and winds have brought days of heavy rain and strong winds that have severely damaged popular tourist beaches along the coast. The mayor of Byron Bay says that Main Beach, a popular tourist destination in northern New South Wales state, has all but disappeared.

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