Woman Rescues Sweet German Shepherd Abandoned In Home For 3 Weeks

When Sarah Ames heard about two German Shepherds abandoned in a home a few weeks before the holidays she knew she had to help. When she arrived she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Sarah says, “When I got to the house and I looked inside, it was honestly like something from a horror film.” The floor was strewn with needles and garbage and the home smelled strongly of ammonia. As Sarah peered around she spotted one dog, who peeked around a door.

Sarah was able to coax the dog over to her with a treat. Nashville Animal Care and Control came and took the dog away and to a safe place until they found a placement for the dog, later named “Hattie”, which they did with Middle Tennessee German Shepherd Rescue. The rescue stepped in and changed Hattie’s life. Hattie went to a foster home and shortly after she got adopted!

Sarah would find the second German Shepherd shortly after rescuing Hattie. A kind couple had found “Phoenix” in far worse condition than Hattie. They fed the dog for a few days and then handed her over to Sarah. Just as with Hattie, Middle Tennessee German Shepherd Rescue pulled Phoenix from the shelter and found her the same foster home as Hattie’s. They also found Phoenix an adoptive family!

The two dogs reunited just before Christmas after Sarah arranged to throw the pups she helped rescue a holiday party. The two dogs look so happy and healthy now!

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