Woman Moves In To New House And Discovers Skinny Puppy Outside

Sydney Hoffman first thought the malnourished puppy on her surveillance cameras was a coyote. She had just moved into her new home in Canada when the freshly-installed security cameras caught the pup on film in the evening. It was clear the puppy was very malnourished and skittish. But the dog was too scared to approach Sydney.

The next morning the pup returned to the home and Sydney was determined to catch her. She stayed outside all day to try and win the pup’s trust but she could not get close enough to grab her. Every 20 minutes the pup would circle around the house but then she disappeared again.

Sydney was sick with worry that second night when she heard “coyotes howling in the distance.”

Thankfully, the pup showed up early the next morning again and Sydney went outside right away again to try and coax the dog to her or catch her in a kennel she had put out. But just seconds after going outside a huge coyote appeared and chased after the pup!

Fortunately Sydney managed to intervene and scare the coyote off. She knew that she needed to catch the stray dog that day or else! Just as it was getting dark a neighbor was able to help her catch the stray pup and “Dobby” (as Sydney named the pup) spent the night safe inside.

Sydney dropped Dobby off at the local rescue to make sure the pup didn’t have a family. When no family was found Sydney and her partner adopted Dobby! Sydney was a little bit worried about how Dobby would get along with Gary, her 6-year-old Frenchie, but the two dogs hit it off and have become best friends. Thanks to Sydney, Dobby is no longer outside looking in to her home but inside looking out!


This is how little Dobby came into our lives

♬ Jacob and the Stone – Emile Mosseri

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