Woman Helps 120-Pound Pit Bull Shed The Pounds And ‘Become A Dog’ Again

Kellie volunteers at her local animal shelter walking dogs when she caught sight of an enormous Pit Bull. Margo the Pit Bull was found as a stray weighing an astounding 120 pounds! She had to lose at least 50 pounds.

Kellie couldn’t get the overweight Pit Bull out of her mind so she decided to foster her with the help of One Love Arizona. That meant Margo had to be on a strict diet and every day they went on a walk. With the help of Kellie and her foster brothers Barry and Fiona, Margo began to shed the pounds.

As she began to feel better she began to play and turn more into a dog. Eight months later, she had her finally weigh in – she surpassed her goal!

Margo started at 120 pounds and her current weight is 63 pounds!

Now a healthy weight, Margo will soon ready for her next chapter – a forever family.

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