Woman Gets Serious Skin Infection After Pedicure

Nurse Stacey Wilson usually is the one taking care of patients at the hospital where she works. But after a recent visit to a nail salon, she was the one in the hospital bed.

The mom went for what she thought would be a relaxing pedicure but during the appointment, a worker was too rough on her feet with a pumice stone. The stone nicked the side of her foot and soon after her ankle became swollen and sore. She also developed a fever and soon she was in the emergency room.

The cuts had become infected and she ended up with cellulitis, a bacterial infection that’s most common in the lower legs.

The doctor who treated her said it isn’t uncommon for people who get manicures and pedicures to get infections and suggested people speak up if they suspect a salon worker has not properly sterilized equipment.

“Recognizing you have the right to refuse them from continuing if you think they’re not using sterile equipment. That’s the best thing to do,” Dr. Pafford said.

The Mayo Clinic also suggests only going to salons that display their current state license visibly. You can ask if the salon workers are state-licensed as well and inquire how they disinfect and sterilize their equipment, including their foot baths and tools.

Stacey spent four days in the hospital and now plans on filing a complaint with the Arkansas Health Department when she’s released.

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