Woman Comes To The Rescue Of Dog Living On Mattress In Orchard

An Animal Control Officer in Fresno, California got a call about a stray dog who was living in an orchard on a discarded mattress. Breana arrived at the orchard and saw the dog wandering around the side of the road.

She could tell the Pit Bull was scared but curious about her. The dog also had terrible skin and was really skinny. But Breana was able to convince “Hondo” (as she named him) to follow her back to her truck. She likes to think that he knew she was there to help him.

Breana brought Hondo back to the Fresno Humane Society where he began to get treated for his demodex mange. He began to open up to his rescuers as soon as he knew he was in safe hands. He was there for a little over a month but didn’t get any interest from adopters.

Luckily, South Coast Humane Society stepped forward to rescue Hondo. They found a special foster home with their foster, Sarah.

From the way Hondo looked, Sarah suspected that he had endured years of neglect. Her son Seth helped her give Hondo medicated baths a few times a week and Hondo really grew to love her family.

Hondo in the care of South Coast Humane Society

South Coast Humane Society also helped treat Hondo’s eyes, which had entropion (a condition where the eye lashes turn inward and irritate the eyes). As he healed, Sarah hoped they could find a family for the dog who thinks “everybody is his friend” and who is a pretty lazy dog. Fortunately, they did!

South Coast Humane Society announced the wonderful news that Hondo has been adopted.

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