Woman Catches Bobcat and Cougar Fighting On Top Of Tree In Her Backyard

Tammy Jordan was looking out her dining room window from her home when she spotted a “life-altering moment.” She noticed animal movement on the top of a cedar tree outside her home in Chilliwack, British Columbia and thought it might have been a raccoon so she grabbed binoculars but then she noticed it was a bobcat. Crows were pestering the wild cat to leave but when she went out onto her deck she heard the bobcat growling and swatting at something below him. It was a second cat – a cougar!

She snapped photos of the incredible wildlife encounter. “When I looked back at the photos I was taking, it was confirmed the cougar was attacking the bobcat, but the cougar was too heavy to get to the weak tip top,” Jordan told the Chilliwack Progress. “The cougar went up and down the tree in a flash.”

The two cats fought for more than an hour and then it became too dark for Jordan to see anything more. Although Jordan doesn’t know how the fight ended, she figures that the bobcat got away safely after dark because it grew quiet.

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