Woman Adopts Judgemental Chihuahua At Time When They Both Needed A Friend

Kacey had just lost her beloved dog when she got a call from a friend about a Chihuahua who had just lost her mom. Kacey’s friend Beth asked if she would take Tina in. Kacey had never thought about owning a Chihuahua but she agreed to see how Tina would get along with her other two dogs.

When Kacey went to pick Tina, she says the dog squinted her eyes and judged her more than she’s ever been judged in her life.

Tina’s judgement was a positive one, though. “She chose me as her person,” says Kacey and the two have been inseparable ever since. Kacey says Tina makes her laugh at least 15 times a day. They’ve had three wonderful 3 years together so far. Kacey shares, “She’s 9 now, I wish I could slow down time, so I could love her longer.”

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