Wolf Dog Shows Off Her Sweet Side When Introduced To Rescuer’s Family

When Kim with Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue rescued Doji, she didn’t know if the wolf dog would get along with her other rescued wolf dogs or her family.

Doji’s dad was a full wild wolf. But that wasn’t a predictor for Doji’s behavior. Still, Kim placed Doji in a separate enclosure her first night at Kim’s sanctuary. “She was so excited to see me,” Kim said the following morning. Kim had a good vibe and her experience said to introduce Doji to Dakota, the pack leader. Within a few minutes they were playing and a short time later she was accepted into the pack.

Not only did Doji get accepted into the pack, she loved Kim’s kids too. “She’s the sweetest, calm personality,” Kim revealed. Arctic Fox Daily “provides forever sanctuary to captive-bred unwanted, neglected, abandoned, non-releasable wildlife, specializing in foxes and wolfdogs.”

Arctic Fox Daily also rescues and rehabilitates orphaned, New York-native wildlife, with their end goal always being to allow the animal to return back to the wild.

Their permanent residents were either born in captivity (not taken from the wild) or have a permanent disability that would prevent them from surviving and thriving in the wild.

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