Wild Crow Has Incredible Friendship With Woman And Her Dog And Cat

Never in a million years did Caolaidhe Keelor think that she would befriend a wild crow and that crow would befriend her cat and dog. Keelor, who is a wildlife educator and bird of prey enthusiast in Canada, was out for a walk with her rescued Border Collie, Sam, when they found a fledgling crow.

Keelor knew it’s best to leave a baby crow where you find them, but when night fell and no crows appeared she brought the crow over to her deck, built a makeshift nest and let her rest there. The other crows did find the fledgling and the crow flew off with them but she ended up sticking around Keelor’s home and it became her territory.

Keelor named the crow Darling. Without any prompting, Darling began tapping on Keelor’s window in the morning. She wanted to play with Keelor and Sam when they went on their walks in the woods.

Sam is a special dog and so calm with Darling. He let her pull on his tail and be a pesky crow with him. She could also be super sweet and picked burrs off his fur and pulled a piece of wood out of Sam’s mouth when it got stuck. Darling even tried to hold Sam’s leash after seeing Keelor do it all the time!

Sam protected Darling too and one time saved her from a Cooper’s hawk. Then came Gigi the cat. Soon the cat joined Keelor, Sam and Darling. Watch Keelor describe how Darling became an unlikely friend to her family all the while staying a wild crow:

Although it’s sad that Darling was taken early from her friends, she has left a lifetime of memories.

Keelor wrote on Instagram, “Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would befriend a crow…and that crow would befriend a dog and a cat…the funny thing is, although Darling was lovely to us…she really was a wild crow in every other way…she would dive bomb hawks who would stop by and chase little birds out of the yard…She really ruled the roost in her time in the valley.”

And as Keelor says in the video, there never will be another Darling.

Viewers were touched by Darling’s story. One viewer wrote, “Absolutely one of the most evocative connections between man, bird, cat dog ever. I am truly happy for you to have had that ultimate experience with Darling and your furry family. Just so compellingly beautiful!”

Another viewer commented, “A wonderful story. It’s always sad when one of the animals goes. We all grieve, and, of course, including them. It’s great that you documented all of it. You’re right it will probably never happen again.”

“This story brought me to tears,” said another person. “In 6 minutes I got totally emotionally invested in Darling. At the point which she was BFFs with my Dog and Cat – I would have definitely built a safe house for her. RIHP Darling. You were sooooo special.”

“This is both heartwarming and sad. I didn’t want the video’s story to end that way,” noted another viewer. “I’m so sorry for your loss. Thank you for giving a good home to Darling and her two furry friends.”

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