Wild Visitors Stop By Woman’s Home So Often Her Friends Call Her Snow White

A woman in Essex, England has become the talk of the neighborhood because of the visitors that come to her doorstep. As example she shared this recent video and wrote, “Animals seem to always come to my house – none of the animals seem to be frightened of each other.”

That’s right, that is a fox, deer, and a cat that you see in her front yard. The lucky woman added that the animals stop by so frequently that her friends have given her a nickname. She wrote, “My friends have started to call me Snow White as animals seem to want to come to me.”

Some viewers couldn’t help but be jealous. One wrote, “I need to move here!” Another said, “Amazing. I’d absolutely be in heaven with all if these cuties.”

Another person thinks it’s all the cat’s doing and that her cat invited the animals over for a visit. Although another person noted, “The fox kinda looks like he wants to go home but is too socially awkward to just leave.”

Many agreed with the homeowner’s friends commenting, “This is like a Disney movie happening in someone‚Äôs backyard.”

And another person thought it was all very peaceful and said, “So nice to see everyone getting along.”

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