Dad Cuts Open A Wasp Nest To Learn What’s Inside

If ever you have wondered what exactly is inside a wasp nest, then here’s a video that will answer the question. Dad Dan and son Lincoln wanted to know so they ordered a wasp nest from eBay (who would have thought you could do that?). The dad and son duo of the YouTube Channel “What’s Inside” open up all kinds of stuff for their home “science projects”.

After unpacking the nest, Dan says he’s not too comfortable opening the nest in the house, and I know I wouldn’t be either – it’s so messy! But he goes ahead anyway and cuts it open on the dining room table.

As some viewers “in the know” commented, it’s actually a hornet’s nest not a wasp’s nest. Either way, the kids are fascinated by how intricate the structure is, although Lincoln is a little bit afraid there might still be a live one inside. I can’t blame him.

One man discovered just how massive these nests can get when he found a giant hornet’s nest right outside his window. It’s amazing what these insects can build. But I know I don’t like wasps anywhere near my home!

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