Two Siblings Reunited After 65 Years Thanks To Tech Savvy 7-Year-Old

Clifford Boyson was only 3 years old when he and his 5-year-old sister, Betty Billadeau, were separated. The siblings were put into separate foster homes and never knew what happened to the other. For over 60 years Clifford searched for Betty. He sent her countless letters that would always come back marked “return to sender”. It wasn’t until a 7-year-old boy named Eddie came into his life that Clifford’s heartache would finally go away.

Eddie learned of Clifford’s search and decided to help using his parent’s iPad and Facebook. He investigated and used his innate detective skills and eventually tracked Clifford’s sister down!

When asked why he did it, Eddie answered, “Because Clifford didn’t have any family at all and I wanted to help Clifford find his family because sometimes Clifford gets lonely.” He added, “Family is important.”

Watch Clifford and Betty’s tearful reunion after 65 years apart in the news video below.

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